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Geometry and Tiling Related Books

  • -Tilings and patterns / Branko Grunbaum, G.C. Shephard.
  • -Penrose tiles to trapdoor ciphers / Martin Gardner.
  • -Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry / Edited by Jacob E. Goodman and Joseph O'Rourke.
  • -Transformation geometry : an introduction to symmetry / George E. Martin.
  • -Combinatorial geometry in the plane, by Hugo Hadwiger and Hans Debrunner. Translated by Victor Klee.
  • -Miles of tiles / Charles Radin.
  • -The mathematical description of shape and form / E.A. Lord and C.B. Wilson.
  • -Introduction to finite geometries / by F. Karteszi ; [translated by L. Vekerdi].